Preventing Breast Cancer With A Vaccine

Researchers are developing a vaccine to prevent breast cancer in healthy women.What if it were possible to give a safe and effective vaccine to healthy women to prevent breast cancer, or at least greatly reduce the risk of breast cancer? This is a question that some researchers are actively studying, with hopes of starting clinical trials for such a preventive vaccine within a couple of years.

The National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) recently published a fifth annual report on its Artemis Project: For a Preventive Breast Cancer Vaccine. The Artemis Project has reached a turning point, according to the report. With decisions about possible targets for the vaccine having been made, the research team can now begin preclinical work to develop a vaccine that could potentially be tested in early phase clinical trials starting in 2017.

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Cancer Research Top Stories: September-October 2013

shutterstock_74035120Are you interested in following developments in cancer research, but feeling a bit challenged to (a) find the time to do a lot of reading and (b) sort out what’s really important? Me too! Nevertheless, I do try to scan through the cancer research news headlines each day.

This is the first post, in what I expect will be a bi-monthly feature, where I’ll briefly review several of the most interesting cancer research stories that have come out over the last two months. These are stories that I know I’ll want to follow as they develop further.

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