Reviewing resources that provide information on cancer and coping with the Covid-19 crisis

Cancer and Coping With the COVID-19 Crisis: Helpful Resources

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These are stressful and uncertain times, as the world races to try to curtail the spread of the coronavirus and to develop a vaccine to prevent it.

While the crisis is overwhelmingly on our minds, cancer isn’t going away. Those currently dealing with cancer have no choice but to continue to deal with it in the best way possible right now.

In this post, I’m sharing links to a number of articles and sites that provide relevant information on cancer and coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the links, along with a brief description of what’s covered in each resource.

General Information

The One-Two Punch: Cancer and Coronavirus
An overview of the issues that oncologists and cancer patients are grappling with as a result of the crisis by Dr. Miriam A. Knoll, MD, a radiation oncologist. This article includes comments from patient advocates Stacey Tinianov and Janet Freeman-Daily.

Common Questions About Coronavirus 2019 and Cancer: Answers for Patients and Survivors
Answers to cancer survivors’ frequently asked clinical questions about COVID-19 from ASCO Chief Medical Officer Dr. Richard Schilsky. Questions include whether a history of cancer raises your risk for health complications from COVID-19 and whether cancer patients should consider modifying or postponing their treatment due to COVID-19.

Breast Cancer and Breast Care

Breast Care in the Time of COVID
Practical advice on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 without compromising your cancer screening and/or treatment by Dr. Laura Esserman, Chair in General Surgery at UCSF Medical Center. In this article, Dr. Esserman provides advice on a number of specific situations individuals may face, including being newly diagnosed with invasive cancer, being newly diagnosed with DCIS and being due for a mammogram.

Coronoavirus: What People With Breast Cancer Need to Know
This post on cover the basics, as well as other important topics such as what extra precautions should be taken by those receiving treatment for breast cancer that can weaken the immune system or cause lung problems, and what to do if your breast cancer treatment is delayed.

Mental Health

Resources for coping with COVID-19
Protecting your mental health and managing stress and anxiety are the focus of a number of articles at this link on Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Clinical Trials

FDA Guidance for Clinical Trials During COVID-19 Pandemic
This article summarizes guidance that has been issued by the FDA for conducting clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, those are some of the most helpful articles and sites I’ve come across so far on dealing with cancer and the COVID-19 crisis. I’m planning on future updates as more information becomes available.

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    1. Thanks, Nancy. There’s more info coming out every day as I’m sure you well know, and I’m trying to sift through some of it to see what might be most helpful for a follow up post. Stay safe and well yourself, my friend. xo

  2. Lisa thank you as I continue to compile links on my blog more specific to what I’ve vetted and found useful I love getting some lighter work through advance troops reporting in and allowing me to lessen the research load and find as many good resources as possible, so important and sometimes lifesaving.
    Merci beaucoups

    1. Hi, Ilene. There’s so much information coming out and it seems appreciated when those of us who have the time can read and vet and see what could be most useful. Thanks for all you’re doing. Take good care.

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