Cancer Risk and “Bad Luck”

How much cancer risk is related mostly to random genetic mutations?Are a large proportion of cancer cases mainly the result of “bad luck”? That is certainly the impression given by recent media reports about a study conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and published in the journal Science.

What did the researchers do and what did this study actually show? Is it really time to reconsider our understanding of cancer and its causes? Continue reading

Top Cancer Research Stories: November-December 2013

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This is the second post in a bi-monthly feature in which I’ll review several of the most interesting cancer research stories that have come out over the last two months. (If you missed the first post you can find it here.) These are a few of the stories that seem to have the greatest potential impact, at least from my perspective, and that I know I’ll want to follow as they develop further.

Here are my choices for the top cancer research stories for November-December 2013. To wrap up 2013, I’ve also included links to some good overall reviews of major cancer research news stories in 2013. Continue reading